Thursday, March 20, 2008



EKUSTIK is a duo consisted of two well-known and experienced Belgrade musicians and very good friends, Ljubisa "Buba" Opacic and Dragutin "Guta" Jakovljevic. This project finds them playing «Real-Time Music», which is a concept of composing and performing music live on the spot, guided only by instantaneously inspiration and interaction. Buba creates grooves and rhythmical phrases using computer, software, samplers, and digital effects, and Guta creates harmonies and melodies on electric guitar, guitar synth, e-bow, and various stomp-boxes. Style, form, and lenght of unique musical pieces created in this way are unlimited and depend primarily on the artists' mood, but also on profile of the audience, type of the venue, nature of the event, or anything else that could affect the performers' inspiration. Since the most exciting way of consuming EKUSTIK's music is to witness the process of its creation, it is available exclusively as live performance - audio/video recordings are made only for internal or promotional purposes and are not going to be published in any way.
Four musical pieces uploaded on this profile are just short fragments of EKUSTIK's integral live performances, which were recorded direct to two-track, without overdubs or any other kind of editing or post-production. Thank you for listening, hope you like it!

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