Thursday, April 17, 2014

Retro Grad - Retro Grad (2013)

RETRO GRAD:  Retro Grad  [ 2014 ]
electronic / ambient / classical
dsr0136 | rd: 18-04-2014

Retro Grad - a composer (and one man band) from Zrenjanin (Serbia) - treading a fine line between classical and electronic ambient music. Srdjan Marinkovic as man behind this project made this album easy to listen with awesome harmonies and nice ambient backgrounds. One of his songs appears on promo video for the Visa website by M. Sugrue, a commercial photographer based in San Francisco. Also, Retro Grad was featured on the cosmoPOPlitan vol. 2 compilation. Splitting Sounds Records have recently released his self- titled album. The Independent film director Michael Henry from Quandary Productions from London has published Retro Grad as Artist of the Month on his site Michael Henry Film. Retro Grad is looking to realize collaborations with video artists over the coming years.


1. Rising (1:34)
2. At The Bottom of the Sea (2:11)
3. A Beautiful Emptiness (2:39)
4. Wish (2:04)
5. The March at November (1:43)
6. New People (2:25)
7. The Last Penguin (3:33)
8. A Full Circle (3:09)

file info
8 tracks - 44khz256kbps/mp3


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blastcraft - Worldwide Lobotomy (2014)

BLASTCRAFT:  Worldwide Lobotomy  [ 2014 ]
cyberpunk / experimental electronics
dsr0135 | rd: 16-02-2014

Blastcraft returns with it's new album 'Worldwide lobotomy'. This album contains a lot of different genres mixed up into Blastcraft sound, from ambient electronics, to dance music, dubstep and trance synths. I must say that it reminds me again of some music of the 80's, sci-fi movies mixed with some videogame music. You can almost visualize all of the drama within the futuristic, apocalyptic world in the year 2300. Very interesting album indeed. This sound awoke something evil in the woods. It was never meant for the world of the living. If you are interested in cyberpunk and music arrangements that can suprise you - this is the album you need to listen loud when you fuck your robot! Enjoy!


01. The Hall of Oblivion(3:05)
    02. Worldwide Lobotomy  (3:32)
  03. Monitored, Controlled, Conquered
   04. Wireless Enslavement  (3:19)
05. Subatomic Sadness (2:53)
06. Twirling the Spiral (5:38)
07. The Meaning of ... (3:54)
08. Media Bleach (2:05)
09. Rise of the Overlords  (3:25)
   10. Until the End of Time  (4:06)
11. Brainstorms  (2:34)
12. The Big Bad Shit From Outer Space
    13. A New Level of Worship  (3:49)
14. Psychopatic Overclocking  (2:48)
15. The Howler  (4:34)

file info
15 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SURREAL ETERNITY : As The Morning Comes [ep] 2014

SURREAL ETERNITY : As the Morning Comes [ 2014 ]
dark electro / trance
dsr0134 | rd: 12-02-2014

Surreal Eternity returns in 2014. with the blast release. 'As the Morning Comes'  is the ultimate club hit, featuring Kult of Red Pyramid. This is a overture ep for the following album which is about to be released during the year. If you love aggrotech, trance music, dark electro music and nu-ebm, this is THE release for you! Enjoy!


1. As The Morning Comes (5:03)
2. As The Morning Comes [Instrumental]
3.  Reborn (4:44)
4. Reborn [Figurative Theatre Mix]
5. Mind Abuse [Bonus Unreleased Track]
6.  Present [Bonus Unreleased Track]

file info:
6 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

Monday, December 30, 2013

MOTHER BETH VS BLONDIE - Nihil ex Nihilo (2013)

MOTHER BETH VS BLONDIE - Nihil ex Nihilo (2013)
ambient / experimental  / drone

Mother Beth vs Blondie is experimental solo project by Predrag Karanjac (ex zeta reticulan oath) from Zrenjanin, Serbia. Project was started somewhere in 2011 but nihil ex nihilo is first offical realase. This here is the first release of Mother Beth vs. Blondie for C:S label and we must say that we are very proud of this release. Veru similiar ambient industrial sound like the one  Spleen and MRT make. We must say that this sounds like a soundtrack for a good horror movie. Listening to it also reminds us of some weird experiments Boyd Rice and Einsturzende Neubauten did back in the 80's. If we ever make some horror movie for our label, this will be the ultimate soundtrack. We recommend this release to people who like drone, squeek and weird noises. Enjoy!


1. microgravity in macrosapience
2. ectoplasm ectoplasm
3. song for b
4. katka shipicka
5. stara pazova 1932
6. song for special frog
7. my tortoise
8. valley of the jackals
9. 1389
10. postojna cave
11. lini je sile (borghesia cover)

file info:
11 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

dreDDup - WE SPERM NOISE (compilation) 2013

(free compilation of dreDDup songs from 1997 to 2013)

Next year. Serbian industrial rock band, dreDDup goes into 17th year of its existence. For this occasion and holiday celebration we give our fans and friends this free compilation! ‘We Sperm Noise’ consists of 21 track and 72 minutes of music – from dark electronics to fast industrial rock riffs. It represents all the important parts of dreDDup sound history and it’s different line-ups. This link will be active until 1st of January 2014. Enjoy this songs as we enjoy playing them live! Happy holidays and  Happy new year from the band dreDDup!


  1. Etika (ft. Dario Seraval of Borghesia) (2013)
  2. Fire up the Planet (2012)
  3. Train to Madness (ft. Gaga Lee of Hype!) (2012)
  4. Angel for the Masses (ft. Simone of Lezbos in Action) (2011)
  5. Blast (ft. Die Antwoord) (2011)
  6. Inject the Poison (ft. RozzX of f.O.F.) (2010)
  7. Wheels (ft. Bojan of KOH) (2010)
  8. Mr Fooz (2010)
  9. Return of the TV (2009)
  10. The New Pain (2008)
  11. Futurism (2007)
  12. Jinkeez (2006)
  13. Not from Here (2006)
  14. Eraser (2005)
  15. Off the Hook (2003)
  16. Zero Tolerance (2001)
  17. Speedup (2001)
  18. Obey me or die (2000)
  19. Monkey (1998)
  20. Digital Dreams (1998)
  21. How I killed my Teddy Bear (1997)
Here’s the link for this compilation:


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SPLEEN - Bol bez odjeka (2013)

SPLEEN : Bol bez odjeka (2013)
ambient / experimental  / post rock

After it's split release with Dichotomy Engine, Spleen comes to us with the album 'Bol bez odijeka'. Hailing from Ruma (Serbia), this experimental / post rock driven artist presents to you sound of emotion and fills ambient with noises. Spleen is offering 7 deadly songs prepared for night listening. This album sounds almost like a soundtrack for some sureal experimental movie, very well balanced and filled with inner demon emotion. We recomend it a lot!  Enjoy!!

  1. Catatonic Delight (6:48)
  2. Opium Lovers (9:24)
  3. Nyctophilia (13:05)
  4. Leviathan (feat. Dave Migman) (5:03)
  5. Živeti bez sebe (9:22)
  6. Negde ispod zemlje zri tišina zla (15:33)
  7. Moja je krv moj put do tebe (10:02)
 file info:
7 tracks - 44khz192kbps/mp3

Sunday, November 3, 2013


ambient / drone / experimental
dsr0131 | rd: 03-11-2013

Here is some new stuff from Dichotomy Engine and Spleen. If you are into experimental and dronning, dreamy and ambient music - than this is the album for you! With joined forces, these two acts produced apocalyptic dreamy ambience that will drive you through the inner galaxies and dimensions. Enjoy!


Spleen - F 41.2 (6:53)
Dichotomy Engine - F 40.0 (3:38)
Spleen - F 11.7 (5:44)
Dichotomy Engine - F 60.0 (4:05)
Spleen - F 60.1 (7:00)
Spleen - F 31.2 (4:43)
Dichotomy Engine - F 20.2 (5:05)
Spleen - F 40.1 (6:53)
Spleen - F 44.1 (9:36)
Dichotomy Engine - F 22.0 (3:23)
Spleen and Dichotomy Engine - F 25.2 (14:33)
Spleen and Dichotomy Engine - F 32.2 (6:43)

file info
12 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

Figurative Theatre : S​vet ce opet biti savrsen pt.2 (2013)

FIGURATIVE THEATRE:  Svet  ce opet  biti  savrsen pt.2  [ 2013 ]
electro industrial / dadawave
dsr0130 | rd: 28-09-2013

We are proud to present another great Figurative Theatre album on our label. This time, the band changed it's production sound and it's structure and is more live oriented. You will hear their classic ebm/dadawave sound mixed with modern electronics and dance beats. Thsi time, FT came bigtime. We suggest that you listen to this album loud and dance to it naked! Believe us, you will enjoy it that way - if it doesn't burn your ears to the ground!


01. Mammatus oblaci (vocal mix) (4:47)
02. Kolektivno nesvesno (4:13)
03. Satori  (vocal mix) (4:05)
04. A.R. (3:34)
05. Entropija (vocal mix) (4:13)
06. Corridord (mindblowing remix) (4:28)
07. Hate Me or Not (3:00)
    08. Megamarket Utopia (3:13)
    09. Hikkiko mori (ft. Fat Zed,Sonic Ant

file info
10 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3