Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Band was created in 2004. from the old members of industrial band dreDDup. Since than we recorded 2 EP's in a complete running time of 15 minutes (13 songs). Our concept is industrial/death/dark/gothic music with the elements of sick vocals and rough metal guitars. We never performed live becuze band was destroyed in 2006. You can find us only here, but we're thinking of a re-union soon...
Band members:
C PP At (Robert)- drums/samples
Ut Dyogen Butt (Rebeka)- bass/keyboards
Past miKKa N (Mihajlo) - vocals
Forkness EP - 2004
Suck It It's Still Hot EP - 2006
Band website:

Here are the both EP's of this short-lived band:
CutNpaSte-Forkness + Suck It, It's Still Hot EP

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