Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dark:Scene Vol.6 : Alchemy

D:S-Vol.6 : A L C H E M Y

DS:vol.6 is a compilation of ExYu industrial/gothic/experimental bands. ExYu is a region in Balkans (Europe) where former Yugoslavia was. This compilation is the sixth DS established and there will be more releases. This particular one is ment to be a compilation with covers of famous artists. It supposed to be a creative work of art where a lot of different bands cover the songs they like.

This is a completely non-profit net release and all of the rights and credits go to the original artists.
01 3D Rosava Pipe - Djurdjevdan (Bijelo Dugme) (1:51)
02 Dichotomy Engine - Resurrection (Fear Factory) (6:46)
03 Indie in Asia - Tko je zgazio gospodju Mjesec (Videosex) (3:43)
04 Youth A.D.-Amazon (Luna) (3:11)

05 dreDDup - Sentenced to Burn (Cannibal Corpse) (3:39)

06 Surreal Eternity - Love Breeds (Suicide Commando) (4:57)

07 Tamerlan - Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd) (5:45)

08 Pornhouse - Counting Bodies Like Sheeps (A Perfect Circle) (4:17)
09 Zeta Reticulan Oath - Moist Vagina (Nirvana) (3:23)

10 Children Egoism- Voodoo Child (OvO) (3:04)

11 Drop Dead - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) (2:20)

12 DjuChong - D-mollirani (Djordje Balasevic) (4:27)

13 Gruuthaagy - Free Speech For The Dumb (Discharge) (2:33)

14 MRT - The Carny (Nick Cave) (4:15)

15 Figurative Theatre - No Shuffle (Front 242) (3:50)

16 Razzlog - Zuta Loptica (Pac-Man) (3:49)

17 Cryogenic - Of death and discord (Gruuthaagy cover) (2:14)

18 Mind Control - Lepi Mario (Satan Panonski) (2:37)

19 Erekta - The Final Countdown (Europe) (0:43)

20 Third I - 3-44 (John Cage) (3:44)

file info:
Dark Scene kompilacija (89mb)
20 tracks - 44khz192kps/mp3 + Artworks + Info
release date: 22-01-2009
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Filipe 'ps' Cruz said...

"This file is unavailable until Feb. 28, 2009 because the uploader's account has reached its download limit. You can access it immediately with a DivShare Personal account!"

reupload to some other filetransfer location please? :/

Grand Inquisitor said...

this file has been reuploaded. Thanx to DjuChong.

Divlja Jagoda said...

Can you PLEASE upload this one again?

I would love to hear the DUGME cover!

Is there a DARK compilation covering only Ex-YU bands like Dugme, Jagode, Kazaliste, Bajaga, EKV, etc.?