Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Žexon 5

Žexon 5

Žexon 5 was the coldwave/alternative rock band that existed in Novi Sad from 2000. to 2006. Their name came from the name of their frontman Željko and from the fact that there was 5 members in the band. Unfortunatelly band recorded only one demo "Battle For Your Mind" in studio Berar (with 13 songs) but released just one DIY EP with two songs and "Tunnel of cheapness" video.

members were:

Željko Pulisak - vocal
Zoran Vidaković - guitar
Miroslav Majkić - drums
Milos Rašković - bass
Smuk - bass
Kuzmanović - sampler/keyboards

here is some downloadable stuff:

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Anonymous said...

Kakva pizdarija od benda i kakva šteta što ih nikad nisam uhvatio uživo.