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We are group of multimedia artists, as a art group we exist for 4 years already and we are creating experimental-ambiental music and visualization of music we make.
Our music is best fit for movies, theatres, various web presentations, advertisements and all visual medias that can have musical background. Music we mostly create by improvising represents authentic blend of acoustic sound of celtic harf,
drums and voice with synthetic timbre of keyboard.
As we are full of ideas all the time, we enjoy challanges and we are dedicated to expanding horizons
of new medias.
We are gathering and working in Belgrade even as we are not all from Belgrade.
We are always open and ready for all kinds of suggestions and cooperations.

Short history of fabrik:
Back in 2003, we formed our group under impressions by and from workshops of "Papa Nik".
Founders of our group are:
Boris Radivojkov - (keyboard)
Milos Manic - (percusions)
Vladimir Isailovic (bass guitar).
Back in early days our group was only creating music with percusions and alternative percusions, experimenting with sound in terms of human and machine relations in music, that were mostly improvisations and sessions we had back then.
First name of our group "Fabrik" came out from word
"Fabrika" (Factory) - creating music from all kinds of different technologies.
Later we change it in "Feabrik".

Vladimir leaves the group at the end of 2003 year.
Through our group, different members were circulating...
Vuk Muskinja (guitar),
Dragan Simeunovic(percusions) and many others...
Idea for project with "elements" is being worked on in details.
2004. our group joins Aleksandra Virovkic (vocal)
Dejan Bogojevic writes text for our music 2005.
Our group joins Zeljka Miosevic (celtic harp) in the start as only aranger and later as a harpist too.

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