Friday, March 21, 2008

Blla Blla Blla


During the 1998 1999 time periods,after numerous breaks,personal changes,alshes of opinions and stances (fears) communication happened to us and simpli as that our energies merged and became one.We allowed our sincere,creative thought to result into music. Composition of the band at that time:Idriz Ameti(vocal),Vlatko Janevski(bass),Ermal Skupi (violin) and Dimitar Petrov(drums) in a time of political unrest,conflict of interest,the creation of new borders,the resistance to the unhealthy living envi-ronment and artistic creative activity,were thingsthat we took as a starting foundation,with the purpose of embellishing and justifying our existence.the resistance is anenergy and if it is directed and ained properly,a slightest novenent can occur.What happened to us was the music:actually,what happened was Blla Blla Blla. Blla Blla Blla happened to us… Our first album,with thisconposition of the band,was acbieved in May 1999,published for Bagi Records,sinpli called Blla Blla Blla… Many performance followed throughout Macedonia… At that time we possessed a ninimalist –original approach to music that brought refereshment to thase Balkan spaces,and assisted us in forming and charac-terizing our style as –“Over Sky Ballkanishe Re-form”,an idea which leads us to the bright spheres above the sky itself,where we acquire our inspiration and creative energy. In 2005,after a three years long work in our personal studio, we achieved to accomplish our second album,published by Lithium Records,bend members:Idriz Ameti(vocal),Vlatko Janevski(guitar),Dejan Evrushoski(sound editor) and Dimitar Petrov(drums),logically called “Over Sky Ballkanishe Re-form”. This edition differs in sound end style from the first album and it is a result of our open and free approach to music as a whole. Our main idea,during all these years,is the extension of positive,sincere and creative thought,converted into music.Be above the sky,come enjoy the nuclear pleasure!!!


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