Friday, March 21, 2008

Fade to Black


The band Fade to Black was formed in late of summer 2006.The found members are Oliver Trajceski(bass guitar),Dzoko Saveski(Drum),Bojan Taneski(Guitar) and Aleksaner Josifoski(Keybords).Next few months in the band becoming new two members Ruzica Paunkoska as lead vocal and Bojan Sekuloski as second guitar.In September 2007 Bojan S. left the band and Nikola Duklesi(Dukle) came as Second Guitar. Fade To Black is the second macedonian Sympho/Gothic/Ambient metal band with lead female vocal.We have had much than 15 gigs and concerts in Macedonia.We have played on the ROCK FEST 2007, Go Practice Festival 2007,One Love Fest Vol.1 and Vol.2, Humanitarity Concert etc...One of the best was our EP Promotions in Ohrid.We had some problems with record in Studio but the EP will be Complete in January 2008 in Sustain Records by D.J. The name is The Land of The thousand Sins EP.

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