Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mechanical Elegy


3 people, good friends, with great love of music, so difrent but at the same time so alike, with diferent influences but similar tastes, while hangin' out one one autumn night of 2007 got the idea of creating a project, project that few months later became Mechanical Elegy. Whole idea was to make out of the frame music, mostly in the industrial, electro manner but also experimenting with other genres, strange sounds, noise samples and lots of other stuff, showing our view of industrial and electro music... We started working on few songs, but are still experimenting with the posibilities of modern home made producing, so we uploaded just one song which is the most complete one and on which at this time we're most focused on. We hope that we'll finish this song in a week or to, and dont wory you'll be notified... Mechanical Elegy thanks for the support.

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