Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Secret Man


Through the times in different formations of darkwave and electronica bands from P.P.V. through The Antals and FORMAT:A-3 out came the Secret Man, with more powerful and gloomy sound than ever... Formed in 2007 in Novi Sad, Serbia Having long-term experiences with other formations the sound of Secret Man was formed throughout the years obtaining more and more introspective, personal colours, which can be sometimes painfully sincere... The screams from inside to the world outside could be regarded as the last calls for reconsideration of who we are, where's our place in this reality and could we find and learn how to maintain love, which is the only true power that is able to bind us to life... The music is massive. Dark soundscapes create a real gloomy atmosphere; not an alienated but a warm, seducing one... In the meantime ther's always aheavy rhythm behind that won't let your mind rest - nor your body... It allows us to concentrate on the lyrics, too... if we got through the jungle of sounds and melodies, we can reach out for the lyrics... Born out of real moments of insiration, where you cannot really tell why do you have to put the exact words in that exact order but in the end it all comes to a significant meaning... Most of the songs is dealing with love - no surprise in that - but in a way that is worth to listen to... "And now, in the days to come I just don't want to see you, anymore; Don't need to think about your kiss, your smell and your smile..."

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Songs of Love and Sex (2007)

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