Saturday, July 19, 2008

D:S: Mrak iz Naftalina vol.1

D:S:Mrak iz Naftalina
D:S:Mrak iz Naftalina is a compilation of ExYu industrial/gothic/darkwave bands. ExYu is a region in Balkans (Europe) where former Yugoslavia was. This compilation is completely net-based and is intented for private use between the members of D:S forum and is for promotional purposes only. We wanted to pay our respect for the old artists and the founders of this sort of scene in ExYu region. These are the bands that survived the light and left some trail behind. This is the volume one of this compilation and volume two will soon follow.

Following bands gave us their permition to be included in this compilation: Slovenska Nekropola, Overdose, Minimal Disease, Borghesia, Katarza, Nezaboravan San O, Signum,
VIVIsect, Dobri Isak, Autopsia, Pure, Trivalija, Retro Mind, Transmisia, Aporea and Seven Sisters. The following bands were included as a bonus material of this compilation. Some of them are r.i.p. bands and we couldn't get in touch with them and some gave their permission but only if it's a lowercase file
compression. So we decided to recompress the whole compilation to mp3 44/128. Here are the bonus bands: Luna, Dorian Gray, Laibach, Mizar, Oliver Mandic, Sat Stoicizmo

This is completely non-profit net compilation designed to promote the artists included.
If you liked their music, please be kind and buy their original CD's and support them.

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