Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dark:Scene Records

Crime:Scene records is a net-label that releases albums of ExYu dark artists. ExYu is a territory in Europe where former Yugoslavia was and is invloved with these countries: Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegowina, Crna Gora and Slovania.

The deal is: You give us the links for your demo/album/ep, artworks and information about your project/band and we will release it. We do not print CD's but your music will be promoted over the country in various compilations. We do not make money out of your music and the basic thing why we do this is to promote the ExYu region dark scene. If you have any questions regarding the label please contact us over at:

Here is the cataloque of D:S releases
official releases (download links):

DSR001 - D:S-vol.1 Compilation (2008)
DSR002 - D:S-vol.2 Compilation (2008)
DSR003 - The Great Industrial Comeback (2008)
DSR004 - Mind Theater & Soul-Engine Sequencer (2008)
DSR005 - Third I:Reflections of Internal Pain EP (2008)
DSR006 - D:S-vol.3 Compilation (2008)
DSR007 - Mrt - Nightmare EP (2008)
DSR008 - Surreal Eternity-Cure Me! (Promo EP) (2008)
DSR009 - D:S-vol.4 Compilation (2008)
DSR010 - Essence of Night-Ghost of Past EP (2008)
DSR011 - Pornhouse-Znnoy (2008)

forum releases:

DSRNP001 - D:S: Mrak iz Naftalina (V.A.) (2008)
DSRNP002 - D:S: ExYu Industrial Rock (V.A.) (2008)

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