Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lord Havoc


Lord Havoc is electronic / experimental project that comes to us from Slovenia.
In 2008... Great disturbance came into existence... Humanity was in peril... when this chaos came out and all the... evil with it! Mwhahahahaha! *evil laughter* Well, I started experimenting with Ableton Live program, and since I am quite... into science fiction, space, well... stuff like that... I started to make electronic music like this. I am still experimenting, but I am soon coming to an end of all these experiments, I hope you like/liked them. But... New songs will be coming up pretty much almost every day or at least week, due that I make a lot of them in the process of experimenting and not-experimenting. Soon, I'll try to get a few singers too, when my experimenting is finished, and start making more... fun music. With more futuristic touch and actual lyrics too. :) And the story continues...


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