Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cyborgs on Crack - Tapeworm (2014)

CYBORGS ON CRACK:  Tapeworm  [ 2014 ]
post industrial / ebm
dsr0138 | rd: 02-06-2014

New release from Cyborgs on Crack. This time he goes into a little more different style. Post industrial mixed with ebm. This package includes the full album with artwork, promo picture and the VBooklet software. It's a little program Domagoj made which has info about the project,discography, more artwork, links to some great bands he knows, and a great article about the cyberpunk culture written by people at f.0x2501.org.


 1. Deus Ex Subterranea (4:32)
2. High Frequency Bowel Movement (5:46)
3. Butcher Is A Good Talker (3:45)
4. Sesquipedalophobia (3:09)
5. Surveillance (6:12)
6. Dry Mouth [feat. Sputñik] (4:04)
7. Hope Plastic (5:56)

 file info
7 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3


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