Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Analni Karakter - Loše navike umiru teško (2002)

ANALNI KARAKTER:  Lose navike umiru tesko  [ 2002 ]
grindcore / crust
dsr0140 | rd: 27-07-2014

Cult grindcore band that comes to us from Ruma. This is a second grindcore release on our label (frist being 3D Rosava Pipe). It's fast, aggressive and intense. For the lovers of raw and extreme music. Anal Cunt, old Napalm Death....etc... if you are in love in this kind of music, than this album is made for you! I recommend that you listen to it loud when your neighbours are having lunch.


    Intro-Do tad - Krv nije bitna - Ne lažite džabe Dal' si snifo - Nazi=scum - Privatni egzorcista - Kad razmislimo oklevamo - Covek i ostale zivotinje - Istina - Nedokucivo zlo - Rhb izvidjac - Deformacija drustva - Srpski krvavi novac - Analni karakter  - Suština htenja - Razum - Prirodna potreba  - Komfor nije za marginalce - Outro  

file info:

file info
21 track - 44khz192kbps/mp3

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