Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crime:Scene Records website is active again!

yup...we're back! :)
Hey you guys, lovers of ex-Yugoslavian dark music, I wanted to let you all know that after almost a year, Crime:Scene records website is active again. We had really bad problems with the servers and we couldn't update releases over there so in the past year we went 
over to do releases over Bandcamp. Now, Crime:Scene records website is active again 
and is ready to be filled with interesting stuff. First of all, we are planing to do info section about our bands. We will include there bands that have full albums or ep's released for us. 
It will be really cool! Second thing is that we are going to update the releases over there and make everything easy and fast for you guys! :) The third big thing is that, we are going to do
a video archive in a special section, where we will bring you some live footage and interesting stuff about our bands! :) Stay cool and keep up the good work!

you can check our new website here:


Jhon Marshal said...

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Peter said...

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