Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tentacle Wizard : Tentacle Wizard (2018)

TENTACLE WIZARD : Tentacle Wizard  [2018]
psychodelic stoner rock / post metal

Tentacle Wizard draws influence from various genres like stoner, doom, post-metal, psychedelic, kraut rock, post-rock, even drone. At the same time we're trying to make original music that reflects member's natures. Our playing and sound can get heavy and massive, harsh even, but almost never aggressive. Most of our music is created spontaneously, when we record or actually remember a good bit of jamming, riffing, droning… Various different tunings and instrument setups help define the sound and the atmosphere. There can be fun things when you clash a four string often-drop-tuned bass, five string bass and a double neck 6/12 string guitar tuned in a very low alternate tuning, resulting in almost a three bass sound when needed.

Tentacle Wizard started off as a three-piece band by bassists Dimitrije and Ana along with Frantz on drums. After sevral rehearsals Živko asked if he can play guitar, and current lineup of TW formed when they realised they're not half bad together. There was a talk about changing the name because shit got more serious, but for now, fuck it, Tentacle Wizard is good.

Inspired by the dolphin zombies from outer space, we bring you tales of unlikely apocalyptic scenarios rendered in heavy riff, Moss-Titans whacking each other over the head in swamp-troll graveyards using tectonic plates as weapons[also rendered in heavy riff]. 
Prophecies of tentacled spellcasters dragging worlds to ruin as sacrifice to The Outer Gods! 
Legends of vain kings thinking themselves gods, misleading their kingdoms into certain ruin!  
Epics of proud interstellar empires meeting things greater than themselves! 


1. Tentacle Wizard
2. Bringer of False Light
3. Death of a Silent Star

file size: 111mb
format: mp3 | 320 kbps

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