Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Third I

THIRD I THIRD I started by the end of 2005. It brings you industrial, dark ambient, (harsh) noise, dark electro, experimental, ambiental, drone, low-fi sounds... We are constantly working on our new stuff and we have few demos waiting to be released. We are open for split releases or any kind of colaboration and direct communication with noisy / experimental / harsh / noisecore / grind / power-electronics / industrial bands, labels, distro, radio shows, zines… Labels contact us if you are interested in releasing any of our works in any format (3"/5" CD/CDr, 5"/7"/10"/12" vinyl, tape, DVD, net release etc). On this page you can find our complete discography and download most of our releases for free.
THIRD I is into DIY and we are strongly chained to DIY ethics.


Discography n' Download
NOTE!!! Every ZIP file contains mp3s + cover + basic info. To download click on the COVER PICTURE you want. If you have any problems contact us via email

2007. Live at Thir d I Theatre, Collaboration with Oyed. Two tracks and half an hour of industrial drone noise.
2007. Noise Poetry CDr. Multimedial release. First harsh experimenting. Bonus video. Released for Zvukovina, CDr available for free at Also here for preuzimanje odmah
2007. Split with The Apex, The Harmony of..., release with interesting concept. Third I and TATHO made two original tracks each and then they covered eachother, so the result is this 8 track cd. Released by Smell the Stench
2007. Split with Mein Kinder, half an hour of industrial noise and pure noisescapes. Released by Smell the Stench.
2007. When Tomorrow Hits - LP, 27 minutes of postapocalyptic dark ambient industrial noise. Release is multimedial and contains awarded comic “Paradox”. Released by Smell the Stench.
2006. Trinity – single, 11 minutes od industrial dub, dark ambient, industrial. Released by Smell the Stench.
2005. Echoes – EP 11 minutes of pleasant ambiental soundscapes. Self release, rereleased in 2007. by Abdicate Cell.

Compilations and Mixtapes we were included and participated

2007 Smell the Stench - 200th release. 6 cd compilation set of STS bands. Third I track "I"
2007 VA Music for Spinnen. Halloween compilation by Flexible Records. Third I track "Carefull with that axe, Eugene"
2007 VA Music to take home to you Mother. Net release by Neurotic Mind. International compilation of Experimental, Electro, Noise artists/bands. Third I tracks "Postapocalyptic Discoteque" and "XI".
2007 VA Oceanide. CDr by Downtown Recordings. Compilation of Serbian and Slovenian Experimental, Electro, Noise artists/bands. Third I tracks "Aurora Borealis" and "Hammer Smashed Faces". Available at and
2007 Smell the Stench - 100th release . 5 cd compilation set of STS bands. Track "Phantom of Liberty" was especially made for this compilation and it was never released before. All 5 cds at
2007. Thierry Massards "close emulsions of the seventh kind" mixtape . Chosen track "Mistake". Released by Thirteen Songs

Here are some albums for you to download:
When Tomorrow Hits
Noise Poetry
Live in Third I Theatre

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