Friday, March 21, 2008

Alone in Heaven


The first public ALONE IN HEAVEN's performance took place at planetarium in belgrade, december 2002 [star date 2.452.622].
under mismanipulated projections of the starsky and audiovisual stimulation by advanced vitebsk laboratoratory's technology, the scientific and artistic underground elite of belgrade and arandelovac contributed their senses for 90 minutes to teleopathic communication with lost astronaut Stanojevic on its way to mythic oval. mission successfully accomplished.

the second public demonstration of ALONE IN HEAVEN happened in collaboration with great serbian painter DANIJEL SAVOVIĆ, at monumental TELEOPTIC technological and scientific complex in zemun, spring 2003. technologic elimination of obsolete matter from form. this was one of the first acts of "high art of new age". however, mission was only half-acomplished. project is still in progress.

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