Friday, March 21, 2008

Alone Against the World


Alone Against the World is alone's apocalyptic / combat / folk gothic sideproject which recorded cd single KRVNIK, with only one song on it, recorded on October 18, 1999 [KRVNIK is also included on first serbian gothic compilation WHO KILLED THE CROW, 2002] . It's probably the first neofolk project ever made in Serbia, though it's folk sound, atmosphere and lyrics owe nothing to Serbian or any other tradition. Musically, it sounds like Blood Axis in it's distorted guitar variant and lyrically tells about the struggle between two spirits in one body, body of Webb [or Nikola?]. Schizophrenia is getting worse and it must be put to an end.

Composed by Webb. Against the World were Webb, Andrej on bass, Relja Pajic on guitar. Material for the whole album waits to be recorded. Little bit of it has been performed at ALONE IN HEAVEN's performance in planetarium. In future there are plans to do a split release with kNOT MYSELF, a sideproject of Serbia's greatest neofolk band KINOVIA.

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