Thursday, March 20, 2008

Asphalt Chant


Once upon a time there was a city, the name of city itself was forgotten just like the place of it on the map. That city was dark and empty; disturbed by decisions of pseudo good wishers and self titled heroes it started to countdown it’s days until it’s decadence. City streets were overflowed by emptiness and nothingness, the things that killed every thought of creativity and urban culture.

One autumn, in the middle of 70’s of the 20th century city was flowed by the wave that wasn’t child of the sea or river , and it sank the streets of the city like a storm in the open sea. At first sight it seemed that this wave was heavy and dry, but the time has shown it’s glow that will give life into the city’s heart. Everyone wanted to taste the refreshment of that new wave. This era, in real time, has lasted for a few short years, but in the memory of people it lived a lot longer than that. Citizens have called that era NEW WAVE, while those who have been deep into depression and melancholy of the past called it DARKWAVE. Energy and rebellious spirit of the NEW WAVE was becoming more and more rare until the rural society finally used it up and turned it into something not worth of mentioning.

Few people had been trying for years to snap the WAVE from it’s deep sleep and bring it back to the city streets. Among those people “ASPHALT CHANT”, that interlace the tradition of long forgotten Byzantine and Dark Wave, found their place.

Dear reader, if You notice that this page is among most visited it means that those people have achieved their goal and that they brought back to life the era of NEW WAVE.

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