Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brain Forest Ritual


Brain Forest Rytual is established in Lukavac,
an industrial town in Bosnia, at the beginning of 1992.
as the combination of music, poetry and other ways of expression, by two friends Alen (bass, back voice) and Saša (voice, guitar, percussion), who played together in several bands since 1988.

CD Longitude (2003.), contains songs which were usually played in concerts, and it's recorded and produced by the band itself.
Video for Immortal Day is made in summer of 2004.,
also in bands own production and contains original artworks of band members.

Brain Forest Rytual:
Alen Mehmedović - bass, back voice
Saša Perić - voice, guitar, percussion
Benjamin Moranjkić - drums
Rijad Hanić - sound, samples
Alen Stevanović - percussion
Edin Mujkić - percussion, back voice
Fikret Osmanović - light, projections

Inace: Bend ima jako lepe ilustracije i digitalne fotografije na sajtu. Overite obavezno!!!


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Srele said...

Zanimljivo. Jel aktivan ovaj bend jos uvek?