Tuesday, March 4, 2008



It was the year 2005 when I decided to combine my musical knowledge and visions about this world and beyond into one entity. As a result of that decision the project Tamerlan was created. The main idea was to express my ideas through atmospheric black metal. However it was just too limiting musical style, and I decided to base the sound on the atmosphere only, and it was the cornerstone for a style which will hopefully evolve through time. The first demo was recorded in the beginning of the year 2006, and in spite of low sound quality it was very well acclaimed by critics and audience. It also brought a cooperation deal with Dark Revolution's label called Insurrection. An EP called Full Moon Festival was released for that label. Meanwhile, there was an opportunity to play some live shows. The sound was changing through the keyboard styled dark ambient to more neoclassical and medieval style. Real instruments were more and more used, and than the work on the first full length album started. This biography was written in a rush, but that will do for now. The better version of it will be posted soon enough hopefully.


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