Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cold Trinity


Cold Trinity is the only publisher of darkwave / electronic / ebm / subalternative music in belgrade. since december 2005 we feature official releases, but if you are in a need of our previous demo releases, unofficial compilations, singles or ep's, please contact us and we will see if we might help.
Cold Trinity releases can be bought via online order, or in the PLATO music shop, in Belgrade. to accomplish online order please write to

Bands / Demos
If you would like to have your work reviewed, tested, published, or if you simply need advice - contact us.
But we have the following filter set:

* darkwave/industrial/noise/ebm/idm/electro/new wave/etherial/new age/neofolk/coldwave/hitech/electropunk

If you have in your posession any evidence of uncharted events, happenings, gigs, scandals or anything else, which concerns our sphere of interest, we would be very happy to include that material in our comprehensive (and still growing) archives. In that case simply contact us at . thank you!

If you would like to obtain copies for further resail, please contact us at thank you.


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