Saturday, September 5, 2009

Žexon 5 - Battle For Your Mind

ŽEXON 5 : Battle For Your Mind

Žexon 5 were the alternative rock / coldwave band from Novi Sad, playing from 2000. until 2006. Their name came from the name of their frontman Željko and from the fact that there were 5 members in the band. Unfortunatelly band recorded only one demo "Battle For Your Mind" in studio Berar (with 11 songs) but released just one DIY EP with two songs and "Tunnel of cheapness" video. This is the first time you have the complete Žexon 5 as a release for D:S records. Very special thanx to Miroslav Majkić. Enjoy!

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01 Look the Sky (4:32)
02 Dont Say its Real (3:36)
03 Alone (2:16)
04 Experience (4:18)
05 Wake Up (3:04)
06 Dub Love (3:47)
07 Brda (2:17)
08 No More Time (3:26)
09 God Machine (1:51)
10 She Knows (3:35)
11 Some Part (3:41)

file info:
size: 36mb
11 tracks - 44khz128kbps/mp3
free download


Emigrant said...
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Emigrant said...

Da li postoje neke sanse da se digne ovaj album ponovo online? Ubih se trazeci ga, a nema ga nigde. :(