Saturday, March 22, 2008

FarAway Morning


FarAway Morning is a five-piece instrumental band from Varazdin, Croatia. Its members gained experience working in several bands like Apfuken, Fibox, Applebite, Astrahan, MotherCrown, De la Grande, Uzmi Ruke and Farewell Reason. This project started in November 2005. by guitarist Sinisa Sovic. After breaking up with Astrahan, he started searching for new band members. The first one who joined him was his long time friend Fran Mesic on drums. After a few member changes, Marko Strlek linked up with them in February 2006. During that time, the solo project became a band called FarAway Morning. They wanted to express themselves by doing something completely different. They were inspired by the instrumental bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky or Isis and all that had influenced on making their own style. You can call it post - rock, post - metal, ambiental, psychedelic or electronic - metal, but it also has many other influences, with moody, atmospheric and even melodic elements. A decision to bring a sampler instead of a singer in a band was mutual idea, so Marko Novoselec - Chaky joined the band in September 2006. His ideas soon fit into the band. After a long monthly sessions and a few concerts, the band decided to record their first demo. It was recorded in December 2006. by Pinta in his basement and finished in just one day. Called Perfect Sense Someday demo contains 6 songs. After listening the demo they realized that they need one more guitarist. So after a few more concerts in March 2007. Tomislav Pintaric - Pinta joined the band, and made the band complete. is time for some changes...


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