Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gabrijel Savic Ra


Gabrijel Savic Ra is one-man band started in 2003 first only doing dark ambient songs for performance art of Gabrijel Savic Ra and later video art. After a while Gabrijel started composing songs for the performances of other artists that resulted with first CD "Performance Tracks" during 2006. This album was distributed among friends and small number of people, but it will be released again during 2009 with additional rare compositions from 2003. "Industry Of Indifference" released during 2007 is the album that beside different musical approach includes vocals. The album maintains sixteen songs, from which four are remakes: Venus In Furs, My Funny Valentine, Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair and Gloomy Sunday. Album has diversity of styles and beside industrial influence most of the song are quite melancholic, experimental and minimalistic when it comes to music. "Industry Of Indifference" will also be released until the end of March of 2008 on DVD as a collection of video art made for this album. Beside of live promotions of the album will be promoted through projections and multimedia happenings. Until the end of 2008 Gabrijel Savic Ra will release two more albums: "Soft Kiss Of Death" and "Masters Of Melancholy".For performances and other artworks of Gabrijel Savic Ra visit also


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Soft Kiss Of Death
Industry Of Indifference

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