Saturday, March 22, 2008



Heroina was spawned in the summer of 2005 in Zagreb, Croatia, as a result of sheer boredom, creative frustration, A broader definition of the band’s musical direction would be chaotic rock and roll, caught in an affair with blues and archaic folk. The atmosphere is sad, often sinister, with lyrics caught between love and death and music mourning behind, giving a different view of long-forgotten distant blues.

The original line-up of the band, that consists of Hrvoje Malic, Luka Brlek, Vinko Ergotic and Tom Palinic, remained intact. Heroina has played numerous gigs across the country, and Slovenia. Live shows are upredictable, chaotic and a few mainstream clubs have banned their concerts. In 2006 they issue a self published demo record.
The same year they won a demo band tournament, thus being rewarded with a recording session in Zagreb. Black Water and What Have I Done were recorded. These two songs ended up on their first Maxi Single, that was printed in 500 copies. The year of 2007 turned out to be quite a significant year, in which they've prospered from a classic, dodgy demo band to an (yet) unsigned attractive club act, which attracts more listeners and music enthusiasts with each concert. Back in their hometown, four new songs were recorded: Devil's Well, Gypsy, Hide in Death a While, and
Deep Into The Woods (We Must Dwell). All of these recordings will find its well deserved place on the forthcoming EP, due to be released in 2008.

The band stole the spotlight after taking the first prize in two most important musical contests in Croatia, Sound Invasion Tournament in Zagreb, and Croatian Music Festival (Hgf), also played on few high-profile festivals, such as Garage Spring Roll, Rokaj and others. However, the goal of the band isn’t focused on tournaments or any kind of competitions whatsoever. The passion and energy of playing to a crowd is by far most important to them. These are the moments in which they present themselves completely.


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