Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jonel Boljanac


Born in Vladimirovac, Vojvodina of Vlac-Romanian heritage, imported to the U.S. at age 3. Playing guitar from age 7. Former guitarist of Lightning Tree. Currently recording original instrumentals & classical compositions, also remixing music with rhythm guitar & shred solos for fun: Hanger 18, Bring Me To Life. I play electric, classical nylgut & steel string acoustic guitars, keyboards, liuqin & pipa (Chinese lutes). My band is called Incendo (means to set fire in Latin) doin covers & originals of various genres from rock, metal, revamped pop tunes, a few classical pieces & everything else in between. I released an instructional video (small clip on videos page) several years ago. I also have music on For those interested I’m single 6’1" 180 lb vegetarian, athletic body & hazel eyes. Besides music I’m into alternative medicine, nuclear chemistry, physics, astrophysics, bio-chemistry, ancient history, origins of religion, mysticism, electronics, alternative energy via Nicola Tesla, animal rights, environmentalism. I use Agile electric guitars, Cordoba classical guitars, Line 6 Spider 2 amplifier 120watt combo for live, Line 6 Tone Port for recording directly on my computer with Audacity recording program, Fender medium 351 celluloid picks, Ernie Ball .8 gauge electric guitar strings, Aquila Alabastro Nylgut standard gauge classical guitar strings. "Simplicity is elegance" - Antonio Stratovari

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