Thursday, March 20, 2008



The first official gathering of the band members took place in 1997. Sharing the same ideas among the members band started team work which shortly resulted in demo songs creating creative enthusiasm for the time that came. Soon after that Diluvium was tested on a few gigs and, in spite of weak interest and very weak dedication for the music style in their climate, the authenticity of their music was confirmed through incredible respond of the audience. After a few years of persistent work, in creative sense, Diluvium closed the circle with the songs which were ready for the recording of the first album "Aurora". In that way Diluvium pronounced one productive work of exhaustible character with a huge enthusiastic admission in the future. Finally, in 2001, Diluvium decided to legally and formally release the album, signing the contract with CCP-Records The music, which Diluvium treats, lies on the fundaments of harmonic gothic atmosphere with different elements that cannot be bound with any single access. Furthermore, the content of their music is very plentiful of guitar's riffs, melodies, solos which all are combined with a lot of keyboard-atmosphere and classical instruments styles. They have been making the foundation for great female vocal which is imbued through the music. The arrangements are very different by themselves, self-willed and unexpected leaving strong impression. The inspiration is found inside of compositor's emotions and true life experience often described in the lyrics. Poetry style of writing is in direct relation with a concrete message of seeking the supreme being and looking for internal nature of human being.


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