Saturday, March 22, 2008



Gothronic review:

It seems that Serbia is very capable of delivering beautiful neo-classic / ethereal music. After some unknown acts Kinovia is yet again an eastern act discovered in a few months which truly make beautiful music. Although I have never heard of this act before, thus making Knjiga Pelinova its introduction to me, it seems that all of them are professional musicians. All lyrics are in Serbian but they made sure to give English translations in their booklet which is of course a plus. Lyrically they make melancholic passages where some themes are being used from the bible and poets. Musically we are treated upon a fine collection of tunes which makes use of western neo-classical /ethereal styles and, of course, their Serbian heritage. With a multitude of instruments Kinovia combines male and female vocals, keyboards, guitar, violin, flute bass, cello and percussion they see to it that there is enough diversity. Opener track Gone is a splendid intro and makes sure that you are being sucked in the serene, dark and melancholy world of Kinovia. After that nine other tracks are being presented in a way that the album enjoys the whole ride. My favourites are Gone and Basilico but I think that all other tracks are intriguing as well. Knjiga Pelinova is an interesting album which I can recommend to everyone who wants to lay back and listen to some breathtaking music.

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