Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mechanical Endurance


"We are the citizens of a dead world, perpetually repaired but never truly built. It is exactly our behaviour, that boundless, profound tapestry of infinitesimal stimuli that is the prominent mimicry of the forgotten homo-natura-homo interactions. The pathogenic hard-coded segment of our rushed beings, thus projected as to never be destroyed and prompt for the perpetual patience, locked inside the dead circle of half-existence, devoid of ambition, assembled with no vision, no hope - but with no fear either. We have been told that we are everything that our architects had dreamed that we would become. And nothing that our architects themselves had been. We are the last noise of the world."

Mechanical endurance is a fresh Industrial/IDM/powernoise project involving two people that left a significant mark on Serbian industrial/electro scene with their main bands : SkyScream [Eon Blue void, Signal to noise, Nexus 6, Evil disco dogs] and machine under man [Endymion, BLAME]. For a long time the two authors were working together giving each other live support on gigs, guest appearances on promo tapes, remixes and technical support, but this is the first time they brought up something that is a complete U - turn in their music. Mechanical endurance started in June of 2006, with the remix war declaration signed between Machine under Man and SkyScream. More info on the project will follow in next few days, since site is under construction.

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