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Mizar is a Macedonian rock band. They music can be defined as gothic/darkwave rock, with heavy influences of Macedonian root and spiritual music. Mizar was formed in Skopje in 1983. Their first release, called "Mizar", was released 1988 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on an independent label called Helidon. It was the first rock album solely in Macedonian language. It was a major success and is in the top ten rock albums ever released in former Yugoslavia. The second album was "Svjat Dreams" and was released in 1991. Shortly thereafter, the frontman, Goran Tanevski, left the band. Soon, the band had broken up. In 2004 they reunited and released a new album titled "Terrible Beauty". Goran Tanevski has performed with the band again at shows in 2006, up to this date, but just as a "guest" ("Mizar feat. Goran Tanevski"). It's unclear if this collaboration will continue. DISCLAMER: This is not an official Mizar myspace page, and is


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- Kobna ubavina
- Mizar
- Svjat Dreams

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