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Nanohex (a.k.a. Bojan Nikolov) is a Macedonian experimental sound project. Nanohex has been experimenting with dark ambient, noise, drone and industrial. Nanohex is creating weird electronic noisy sounds since 2003, under various names. He is also the founder of the band Vinterthrone.

In October 2006, Nanohex start to collaborate with the Japanese cyber-punk artist Kenji Siratori. The result of the collaboration is the upcoming EP called "Genetic War". One track from the EP, is availble on the MySpace site of Nanohex.

His tracks were released on few dark ambient & noise compilations. In June 2007, Nanohex released the internet EP called "Deep Space Explorer" which can be downloaded for free. "Deep Space Explorer" was released by Chaos Records two months later.

Later, Nanohex became a part of the UK based INDUSTRIAL CULTURE RECORDS, and in November 2007, the 3" CD named "The Brain Experiment" was released.

Nanohex is now working on a new dark and noisy material. An album has been planned for 2008. The official album title is "Terrordrone".

Labels, net-labels, zines, webzines, bands, artists and everyone, get in touch with Nanohex at any time for any collaboration or anything else.

2007. V/A - Ten Seconds Compilation [Keep It Frozen Records]
2007. V/A - "Schal & Reich Pt. 2" [S+R Records]
2007. Deep Space Explorer EP [Chaoz Records]
2007. Beasts of Noise (split w/ Noisegenkanker a Gogo) [Chaoz Records]
2007. The Brain Experiment [Industrial Culture Records]
2008. Schmertz EP [Dadaist Audio]

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