Friday, March 21, 2008

Implore Animosity


Implore Animosity is an experimental/electronica/industrial project that first took place in late 2004/ early 2005. Implore Animosity line up: Filip Petrovski - programing, producing, guitar At first it was nothing too serious, due to other ambitions, but as time passed, the situation changed and the project became a priority. The whole idea is to try and create something that sounds intresting, weird and hopefully unfammiliar to the listeners ear.The main musical inspirations are quite diffrent from the genres under which Implore Animosity goes.But that is also quite intresting, because it shows that one can be free of the limiatations and experiment, create... Implore Animosity of course is not the first and definetly not the only project that has this idea, but is happy to be among them. As far as releases go, Implore Animosity has released only one demo for SpookCoreMusic (http://www. myspace. com/spookcoremusic) which is a net label.The demo is up for download on their myspace.There are also other artists that one could find intresting. So no label for now, but hopefully things will turn for the better in the future. Another project that came about is Implore Miss Murder. Implore Miss Murder line up: Miss Murder - vocals and programing Filip Petrovski - programing, producing, guitar The idea of this project is pretty much the same, only with a far more dark feeling to it, due to the reason that the Gothic Music and Culture is one of the major influences.Other are synthpop, electro, proggresive and of course, experimental music. Implore Miss Murder also became a priority because the ideas for it are quite more original, intresting and it gaves away a lot more space for creating a concept, unique atmosphere. Currenty vocals are to be recorded and as soon as that's done, the songs will be uploaded on the official myspace - www. myspace. com/imploremissmurder Right now there is only one demo song (instrumental).

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