Tuesday, March 25, 2008



PARAFIN, Belgrade, Serbia is non-profitable, non-government organization of young intellectuals, who are trying to bring some diversity in cultural life of their surrounding through their efforts and creativeness. We are facing a wide gap between cultural happenings organized for solely commerciality on one side, and well recognized academic life with its values and routine going on for decades, on the other. Everything else, being either not commercially attractive or not recognized by established cultural institutions is to be presented by pure chance only. Mere accident and not an organized attempt bring something different to Serbian cultural public. Needless to say, most of interesting new production falls into this area between commercial or academically proposed culture. There has to be an instance that would in organized manner promote this kind of artists and their works, and we see our organization as one of few with effort to do so. our contact is parafinorama@gmail.com


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