Wednesday, March 19, 2008


PNDC is coming to us from Belgrade (Serbia). Their activities started in the middle of 2007 when they uploaded their song on their My Space page. Interest in those tunes was pretty good, and they were lucky to find a singer and few interested labels. Than they started working on an album. Songs from this album were made during the late 2007 along with Housework from Athens (Greece). Housework wrote lyrics, sung and played few guitar parts . All songs were arranged, written and performed by Pndc.

After listening to Pndc "Fading Away" CD (2008) I was pretty much impressed. It contained everything that one decent album should obtain. First of all, I finally got the chance to listen something from these parts that actually sounded like a band and not just one-man computer project. But, let's start from the beginning of this CD. Although the cover of the CD is very underground based, it contains every information you need about the Pndc. The intro for the album is very funny and it represents a good album beginning. First songs are very dark pop orientated and have very catchy melodies. I definitely like the rhythm section on some songs. My favorite one track is "Thin Moon". You can easily feel the sense of some Depeche Mode and David Bowie in vocals and in the overall concept - but Pndc has it's very own unique expression. It seems so very familiar with Rijeka's F.o.F. sound and musical structure. After all they signed for the same record label.

Production of the album is very DIY based and it sounds very light possibly because the computer home recording. Against it all is the very good sense for album tempo and song order. This CD contains 2 bonus tracks. I recommend this album to anyone who likes dark pop and new wave.

Here are 3 track from this LP that the author recommended for you guys. And you can
easily get in touch with them at:

Pndc My Space page

3 Promo Songs

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