Thursday, March 20, 2008



My name is Alexander. I was born in 1981 somewhere in Serbia. My adventures with electronic music started back in 1993. As i was getting older and more addicted to trance music, i decided to actualy try and create some stuff of my own. In 1998 i got my hands on propellerheads ReBirth and it is then when it all started. I was into goa and psy trance only but in 2003 i finaly decided to try something different. I have created few chillout tracks and i was very happy with the result. Since then im experimenting with all kinds of music. For 6 years i was a member of reasonstation under the name of Shox. Made lots of friends there, and collaborated with the various musicians from all around the world. As my experiments went even further Regenerative was born. Regenerative is yet to be heard.

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