Thursday, March 20, 2008

Retro Minds: Soundcutting


Retro Mind was an industrial rock/crossover band from Krusevac (Serbia) that was active in the mid 90's.
This album was recorded in 1994. and released in 1995. for Good Taste Records. Unfortuanetelly Retro Mind is long gone and they only recorded this album. I couldn't find any more information about them on the net
but feel free to listen to their album here. The recording is not that good, because I've recorded it from their cassette and I think that it's the only medium they were released on. If someone has any more information about this band, please send it to my e-mail and I will publish it here.

band members:

Aca - guitar/back vocal
Zika - drums/back vokal
Vecko - bass/vocals
Bane - new bass


Soundcutting (1995)
Soundcutting 2

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Aleks said...

im aca guitar player from retro-mind
we have a second album
and is a limited to 10 copies
first album is on the cd !!!!!!