Friday, March 21, 2008

Second Chance Blown


trying to assemble mono stuff into songs on scream tracker (DOS software created by (hats off!) Sami Tammilehto, latest release version 3.21 in 1994). most songs where forced into suicide. some got exported on TDK tape via "press-PLAY-and-REC" on an old fucked up samsung audiotape recorder that merely made them sound lousier while discovering new shitty definitions of very VERY lo-fi. hiatus periods were coming and going mining the possibilities for this project to reach the slightest degree of dignity. stone-age stubborness, retro software dementia and a huge helping hand from chupa (aljosa) - at the time not yet involved in this pitiful shapeless freak show - gave 2nd chance blown the chance (cheap lousy irony, i know) for the first live show ever at the shotoklub in izola, slovenia back in 2004. though it was clear from the beginning that the scream tracker-driven shows were (due to its very limited working environment and poor sound) a postponed suicide, in the next three years five more shows rolled in at the same venue as a support/opening group to LARGE NUMBER, TYING TIFFANY...

chupa envisioned something else/more within the low 8-bit-DOS-driven in circles-spinning-no-chances-to-escape-its-self-inflicted-lousy-cage 2nd chance blown has built upon itself. chances where three. 1 keep frenzy biting your tail in circles for ever. 2 freeze to death within your (at best!) barely 2D sound. 3 move on. vidic (andrej) + chupa = 2nd chance blown. we moved. we keep going.

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