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Few words about "organized chaos", "controlled insanity". We are all essencially paradoxical and what stops people from communicating with Sexa, the same happens to us, is the implosion (explosion towards the inside) that we produce. What is created is a pressure that doesn`t push towards the outside, but all this force drags towards the centre, towards us. People defend themselves, maybe feeling some discomfort and put up barriers. Then I can feel this as hatred. In reality, it is an avalanche, cataclysm that falls upon them. To really experience such a spiritual adventure one must let go, get into it. People are too accustomed to partecipate by sympathy, but that is left behind us. You can`t symphathize with us. We offer a completely different kind of trance. On the stage we simply want to "mind our own business". To be as much as possible consumed by our own business. That is our "show". Maybe it is a sort of strip-tease, but let it be so.
Fun, socializing, drugs - none of that. People can expect only an encounter with an avalanche which sucks them in or with some similar forceful event. Within that anyone should handle it as he can.

Sexa will remain hermetic for a long time yet, but not a cult. The difference is that there are no "initiated" ones. People need to come in great numbers and try themselves with that sound. Anyone can get something, or nothing. It will depend on them. We, on our part, give more if we are more consumed by our own affairs and if our brain ruffles more. Maybe it is a sort of "exorcism". A man supposedly screams when in pain, in any sense. The only thing is that he wants to get this pain beyond pain, get beyond it. Suffering is the most important part of the music of Sexa. Because all of this in the end radiates optimism and no such word as "destructive" can be applied. Not even considering tyhe forcefullness, sourness, cataclysm. Roughness is present only as much as in real life. That is why I hate the term "escapism" (running away from reality).
Sexa does not attract by ellegance, quiet compositions and touching songs. It can absorb one with a single tone that passes through all its contradictions., which from harmony goes into disharmony, grotesque inversions, intensity that doesn`t tire, and in the end becomes something else.

“SexA (Sedatives ex Apoteka - which should translate as Sedatives from the Pharmacy) was a seminal Croatian band that played since early 80s until they broke up in the early 90s.The started in 1980/81, which was a really good time for Yugoslavian new wave. But due to the unaccessibilty of their music they haven't released anything until 1986 when a live cassette from their gig in Koper (Slovenia) was released in edition of 200 copies.Soon after that the band went into hiatus. They re-appeared in 1989 with slightly different line up and totally different sound. This time they were quite noisy, not too different from bands like Killdozer, Big Black, Rapemen, although I'd say they were closest to Stretch Heads.During this period they released one LP and a single, as well as some cassettes. When the war in former Yugoslavia started they moved to Amsterdam and soon after broke up, for good it seems... Unfortunatelly, it appears Steve Albini was really interested in working with them, but the band was no more.” taken from: http://basstapex.blogspot.com/

album download:
SexA - U Zivo


1986 - Uživo iz Kopra 23. 1. 1986.
1989 - Veprovi u gradu
1990 - No Sleep 'Till Pussy / Fuck Piction
1990 - Sexa u Galeriji SC
1990 - Tidamja 85


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