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From the very beginning, in 1992. , Katarza was, and to this day probably still is, a unique band on serbian rock scene. They were the first to introduce alternative, hardcore and punk heretige with the industrial rock and heavy electronics in a truly creative and inspiring way. Their first full-lenght, a debute album of the year by countless praising reviews, was an avalanche of high spirited anthems, that long outlasted the bands activities. Lead by singer George, whose charismatic and powerfull vocals could make your balls frozen, band undertook short series of gigs to remember.
Second album, more experimental and even more trance-genre oriented was much loved for its outrages and uncompromising ideas and became a huge influence on more inteligent part of the serbian music scene. Both albums were completely sold out at the time, and in the upcoming terrible years for serbian rock and, indeed, whole nation, became something of a rarity, treasured by a minority that never accepted dictatorship of mediocrety.

Fortunately, we've got the permission from Almosthole (band's singer) to post one of his releases here for his promotional purposes, so feel free to check it out.

Katarza, 1994. (Start today records)
Burning European Home, 1996. (Start today records)

Permanent members were :
George Almosthole
Nenad Vojnovic

Variables were:
Bojan Bajagic (R.i.P. - 17.4.2011. )
Goran Cvijanovic
Veljko Djukic
Miroslav Majkic
Robert Telcer
Momcilo Sotra
ou t
o download:

Schlog (video)

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