Thursday, April 10, 2008


Data... was founded in 2002 by Aleksandar Zec .Before the foundation of the Data... Aleksandar was involved in 3 projects called:Twin Pigs (1989-1991, 4 members, demo cassette called"Necu",released in 60 copies),Smart Systems(1995-1998,two members , few non -released singles ),Waveform(2001-2002,4 members,released on compilation"LFO Sampler VOL.1"and compilation"Vulgarni Optimizam").Waveform had a live-act on LFO electro festival in SKC,Belgrade ,on 09.12.2001.Data... 2005 realased album:"Software Vs Hardware" on indie label "A Red Star Budapest" Also played live on LFO 2 electro festival in SKC,Belgrade 03.02.2006.

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