Friday, June 27, 2008

Downtown Recordings


This record label comes to us from Slovenia. They release mostly underground bands of industrial, electro, experimental, alternative dnb genres. Here is what they say for themselves.

We needed a demo for our band. we went to one studio and recorded it. and we didn't like it. so we took things in our hands, bought some equipment, learned some things, recorded some bands, released couple of compilations and here we are - independent label of hybreed music - downtown recordings

free net-releases:

Dubnoise project (2006 Novo mesto, experimental dub, drumnbass, noise)
Dubzilla (2007 Novo mesto, Slovenia reggae/dub band, demo)
Lessons of critical thinking (2008 release of alternative music, hard)
Outside down (2005 Novo mesto/Krsko, Slovenia, band, crossover)
Postindustrial changes (2008 release of alter music, electro experimental)
Vikend projekt (2002 Novo mesto, Slovenia, one of the earliest downtown recording session, very diverse music, not good qualitiy, but it is a start:


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