Friday, July 18, 2008



Oil is a electro/experimental/industrial project from Cuprija (Serbia). They've released one release on 3way split album with Endless Conflict and Third I. They've also contributed their music in various compilations. They've recorded one promo DIY LP.

Music of OIL.ddr is coming out of Electronic Body music, but it is spreading much further in different ways of music such as noise, industrial, electro-punk, break-bit and even ambient. It is hard and sentimental in same way. Ironic and concrete, slightly cacophonic and it talks through associations on the everlasting questions and riddles of this planet. It touches the nature of moral, human, animal, politics, money, power, sense… Relativity of all of these things.

This artist works with comix for over twelve years. He won the special prize for comix innovation at the annual 5th comix salon. Alexander showcased in 14 collective and 2 of his own exibitions. His work was published in alternative magazine Azdaha. This artist is the founder of a electronic music project “OIL.ddr” (or just shorter OIL) Alexander is a member of the administrative board of the art association “Tatlin”. He is also a vice-president and one of the founders of young artists association “Artokrat”.


Here are the links for download:
3way Split (V.A.)
mini LP

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