Friday, October 17, 2008

Tamerlan - The Antiexistence (2008)


It was the year 1994. when me and my family moved from the places between cold Siberian forests and noble deserts of Uzbekistan to the land of Serbia. In the passing years I have started attending the music school (for a classical guitar and later, lute) which helped me develop my life style in the more artistic direction. However, I was never too keen to be the usual “player” of music and spend my life by using my musical knowledge to present some melodies and compositions that were created by other people years, decades or centuries ago. I wanted to have something of my own. So, I was polishing my style and searching inspirations by playing in various groups and ensembles. Being an admirer of a darker side of music I have participated in some projects and bands which covered my interests. One which is mostly worth of a mention is an acoustic black metal group Strevlosh Zvezda. As much as it was satisfying to participate in something with such unique attitude for music, the desire to explore my own musical ways remained. So in the year of 2005 I’ve decided to start giving shapes through music to the ideas I had all these years. My first plan was to play atmospheric black metal. For the name I chose Tamerlan after the ancient well known Uzbek war-leader and sorcerer. This was also a synonym for my own name. But after some time it was clear to me that black metal, and metal music itself was too limiting for everything I wanted to create. So, I let my music evolve into the mystical and dark ambient form. Here, I was free to experiment with sounds and atmosphere to make a perfect soundtrack to my visions of this world and far beyond it (for this world as it is today, is incredibly uninspiring place to live in). Finally, the 21st of March in the year 2006 was the day when the first Tamerlan demo was finished. It contained four instrumental compositions full of mystical, archaic and occult atmosphere. The strange thing about it was that this demo was released on the 670th birthday of the real Tamerlan. And this wasn’t done on purpose. For the music itself, it was in spite of low production quality very well accepted by audience and critics. I also got an opportunity to present my music live on the Samhain 2006 festival organized by Dark Revolution. For that opportunity I have gathered my friends to help me on stage. This also brought a deal between me and Dark Revolution label called Insurrection to release some of my works. First to be released was an EP called Full Moon Festival. This time, among other things, the production was on the level for this time I had full professional equipment to record on. It was released officially in the 3rd of June, year 2007 followed by the live promotion. In spite of my wish to leave Tamerlan as a one man project, I still continue to cooperate with my friends and colleagues for the occasional live performances. However, the biggest part still remains within the studio work, and it’s own affection upon everyone who listens to it. Discography: 2006. - Tamerlan (Demo CD) 2007. - Full Moon Festival (EP) 2008. - The Antiexistence (full length)

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Tamerlan - The Antiexistence (2008)

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