Saturday, October 25, 2008

CUT N PASTE - Ressurected EP (2008)


This is the comeback EP of the old industrial rock project CUT N PASTE from Novi Sad. Members of the project split up and this EP was recorded through e-mail mixing and gathering instruments from Paris and Novi Sad. CD contains 3 songs recorded in October of 2008. The sound is more harder than on the previous releases and much more in noise rock world. Check out the Cut N Paste myspace page for more information.


01 - Ressurect Me
02 - Your Begging Me to Die
03 - We Are Dead
04 - Forsaken
05 - Quickly Twist
06 - Steel Morning

file info:
Cut N Paste - Ressurection EP (2008) (19mb)
6 tracks - 44khz192kps/mp3
+ Artworks and band infos
release date: 20-10-2008


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