Thursday, December 4, 2008


Essence of Night is an EBM/Futurepop project from Belgrade. This is their 2nd release (and first full-length album) for Dark:Scene net-label. Departure contains 9 songs which describe different aspects of the world around us. Style and sound are indefined; they have gathered elements of EBM,Futurepop,Aggrotech and Electro- Industrial. Essence of Night performed for the very first time at Dark:Scene 2 miniFEST and this is their first official full-lenght album. Hope you will like it. For more information about this band, please check out the following links:


01. DreamWaste (5:44)
02. The Freak Show (4:30)
03. Insane (6:03)
04. Road to Nowhere (5:35)
05. Insectoid (4:25)
06. Reality (5:06)
07. The World of Today (4:33)
08. Meaningless (4:54)
09. Behind the Enemy Lines (4:38)

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