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The solo project Mindkiller was started in 1998 in Novi Sad (now Serbia) by Gaspar Baksa, ex-member of these musical projects: Disrespect Death (1994), Pure Impact (1995), Signum (1996); who was searching the possibilities of expression through music and graphics, by the use of various mediums. The conception and evolvement of the musical part of the project was greatly inspired and supported by CyberfArts label and the releases are available through them.

The first Mindkiller musical release titled “1998”, started the exploration of sound-creation by the use of found and recorded sound bits combined with rhythms and melodies created in ReBirth (software emulation TB-303 and TR-808). Next was the album “1999”, reflecting through overdriven music the chaotic circumstances in Serbia at the time, preceding the bombing by NATO in the spring that year.

After leaving Serbia to live in Hungary in the same year, Gaspar started a fruitful cooperation with DJ Vrhovny (CyberfArts), making albums under the names of “Großturwaller Muzikanten”, “B.B.F.” and “P.I.T.” etc.
The next Mindkiller solo release titled “2000” was made after Vrhovny moved to The Netherlands for studying. The next album was “2001”, made at a slow pace through the year catalogued by the title. By these times the focus of the music making tools went more and more to the use of non-computer equipments, with the expanding use of hardware samplers-synthesizers and guitars. The new albums made in the next year: “Kettő és fél”, “Ad-Wice”, “Ben Garbo”, “Rem-Xes” marked a change in style, as well as in production methods. In this year two concept-EPs were also finished, titled “Hullámok” and “Utca”. The musical output continued on in the next year, with “Mouth-Healer”, “Gödör–2004.05”, “Civil horizont–sátor a Szigeten” and “2004”.

By the beginning of 2005 the project changed its name to Hungarian “Mind-járt” (meaning ‘all-walked’/’at once’ both at the same time), now the songs titled and sung in Hungarian language. Gaspar’s musical solo output continued under this name, with production of albums “Mind-járt” “Mont no-no”, “Szárnyaló állomások” and some minor remixes and music for installations.

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