Monday, January 12, 2009

Sonic Tension

Sonic Tension is the name of a Serbian ambient musical project, whose sole member has always been Filip Dukanic.

While being influenced by positive vibes and mellow chillout tunes, his interest also lies in the exploration of the darker side of human consciousness, or to put it another way, the grey area between sweet dreams and nightmares, the often forgotten sensation of awareness of our space and time in the universe. Sonic Tension is also known by expressing his inner experiences through abstract art forms.
Bravely cinematic, as if writing a film score for a film not yet made...

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Filip said...

Novi album SONIC TENSION // FIGURATIVE THEATRE- Dream Sequence Phenomena 2009 uskoro stize!

Jedinstven mix dark i atmospheric ambienta sa tek po nekim primesama industrijalizovanih deonica!
Budite u pripravnosti, link ka free download-u uskoro stize!